A home based business in St. John’s offering you “peace of mind” while you are away.

  • NL HomeCheck Services Inc. will cater to private residences while the homeowners are away on business, vacation or the home is left vacant for other reasons.
  • NL HomeCheck Services Inc. will give your home that lived-in look.
    We will make regular visits to your property maintaining the interior and/or exterior upon your request.
  • NL HomeCheck Services Inc. will provide the following services for the homeowner’s peace of mind while away, or it will offer other customized services based on the needs of the client.

Some of these services include:

  • Performing random/routine checks of the home on a daily or long term basis
  • Inspecting exterior/interior of the property including appliances, plumbing, heating & water systems
  • Personal care for most household pets
  • Oversee snow removal & lawn care
  • Documentation services (photographs & video)

NL HomeCheck Services Inc. is not a security company which is reactive, responding to alarms and general patrol of your property. NL HomeCheck Services Inc. provides a proactive approach, being seen entering and exiting the home and doing the things a homeowner would do; a concierge service for your home that is suited for your needs. NL HomeCheck Services Inc. believes that being visible around your home will be a factor in deterring vandalism or intruders.